As we all used to have food three times a day but it does not increase vitality but it is the vital power that digests the food and derives its benefits. It is the basic building material of any living organism. Only a living breathing organism can convert food into living tissue. Food is subordinate to life, to the force inherent in every living creature. “it is this mysterious force that decides which and how much of food supplied to the body, shall be built up into body tissues.” Is a quotation that suggests that it is our body, not food, which is more important. If our body only is not willing, or not in a position to digest it, will it be possible to derive the benefits of food though it may be wholesome and well-balanced? Well, balanced and good food if taken when not hungry or in large quantities in order to increase vitality’ becomes a cause of dissipation of power. As we see many people around us take large quantities of food with tonics, appetizers, and stimulants but not a single pound in weight increases, nor does the vital power. On the contrary, they are weak and underweight. In other words, we see thin people, eating lots of fattening foods without gaining a pounce in weight. We see invalids being fed with good nourishing food and getting no better in consequence. We see anemic people, taking iron tonics and deriving no benefits from them. Indeed the world is full of unfit people who have tried many diets, preparations, special foods and who have failed to derive benefits from any of them because their digestive power is feeble.

People are not digesting the food which they take. When food is not digested properly it is fermented and decomposed and it results in weakness and disease, not in strength. The more sick eats, the weaker he becomes. Stimulants, tonics, and other pep pills stimulate and stimulation is followed by depression which is a disease. Food is there, man is there, but there is no digesting power and then the purpose of food is not served. It is not food that matters but the power of the body which transforms this lifeless matter into living tissue. This is the condition of the people we see around us. They cannot digest food, they cannot breathe, they cannot walk, their hearts are irregular, bowels do not move and all the time their heads are dull and heavy. All the works of a weak body are done by the medicines. Have we born to take medicines for our body’s function? This is because that we have been led to believe that it is a medicine that can save us. Existing with medicines is not really living and you cannot enjoy the pleasure of life. In the modern times of pollution and adulteration, some occasions arise when some medicines are absolutely necessary but it does not mean that we require them in our daily life. So here the important point is of body’s power and its aptitude to digest the food, not merely that food. It is not the food but the digestion of it which makes you strong and healthy. It is not the earning of money but saving which makes you rich. It is not the reading of books but remembering which makes you learned. Food is needed for nourishment, protection, and maintenance of the body. Food does not increase the vital power but it is the vital power which that digests the food and derives its benefits. By increasing digestion, we can make use of foods but by increasing foods we can not increase vitality. It is the vital power that digests, absorbs, assimilates, and eliminates.

Now it is clear that food, though an important factor in building, renewing, and maintaining the body, is inferior to the vital force. It is at the mercy of our vitality that food is utilized. Doctors, scientists, and well-wishers say and advise to take the food whether you like it or not, you need it or not. It is scientific to take food for survival but sense (life) which is higher than science says not to eat if you are not well. If eating all the time is scientific, it is also not unscientific to fast when unwell or sick. It is scientific to use cars in modern times, but it is also not unscientific if you walk on foot. Eat only when hungry. The purpose of food is to provide nutrients that build, repair, and maintain health.

Though life force is Primary life itself depends on the food. Life will perish if food is not available. All growth, repair, and maintenance of tissues and all development of vital power are the results of nutrition. It is now clear that life cannot be maintained without food and food cannot be utilized without vitality. Eat when hungry and fast when sick. Both fast and feast are necessary for life. Stuffing the body without hunger is a crime and the punishment of it is in the form of physical sufferings. It is either food or fasting and nothing else in between. Eat and eat plenty and balanced food in need and fast when not in need. It is a very simple way, with no arguments of why and what and how. Take out the idea from your mind that missing a meal will make you weak and you will become prey to infection. It is a silly idea. Indisposed condition or illness needs rest and fast, not work and food. Though old customs or ideas die hard once you have made up your mind and have decided to know the truth, it is not impossible. Most beliefs are, in fact, untrue, invalid, and ever-changing. Don’t believe but try to know the truth, believers are ignorant. The ignorant belief. Knowers are wise and wise know. The only way a person can know anything is to experience it personally. You, fast and feast and see what you feel.

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